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May 14, 2012


Bryan Blanc

I wish so dearly that I had seen this earlier. I have read all of Zafon's novels multiple times and have found them to be among my favorite novels ever read. I like the gothic atmosphere of his novels and the noir style mystery elements. His writing is so atmospheric and the characters are rich and complex.Most of all, I love Zafon's books because The Angel's Game is what inspired me to start writing stories. If there is any way of getting an advance copy of The Prisoner of Heaven, please let me know.


(Not one of the first five, but still want to comment) I cannot wait for this book! Zafon's prose is just...magical.

Andrea Lapsley

Even though I wasn't one of te first five, I want to say how excited I am about this book. This author was actually recommended to me by several gentlemen who were reading The Shadow of the Wind in their bookclub. Travelling to Barcelona over the Christmas holiday certainly made it come even more alive to me. I can't wait to read this next one.

Melissa C.

I love being able to get lost in other locales, being swept away out of my life and into another for a few moments is why I read in the first place. His books are perfect for that! I would love a copy of his new one!

Bonnie Tollefson

I read Shadow of the Wind as part of a book discussion group on a cruise on the way to Barcelona. I have not been able to get it out of my mind and would like to read his other books.


His writing which is so descriptive of the locale which he depicts in a vivid way as well as the complexity of his characters. Loved The Shadow of the Wind.

Nancy Fontaine

I would love to review this! I loved the richness of his previous novels, so evocative. And this is one is about the Cemetery of Forgotten Books! It couldn't be more perfect for a book lover like me!

Beth F

I love his adult novels but not his YA novels. What I like best? The mood he creates, the mystery, the bookish themes.

bermudaonion (Kathy)

I haven't read his prior adult novels, but my sister raves over them! I'd love to get a copy for her - she writes guest reviews for my blog.

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